Fizzdom is for fun! We're playing with people, words, ideas and images.

• Like the "fuzzy logic" of science and statistics, fizzdoms are approximations of truth — kernels of fizzy or fuzzy wisdom. 

• We're a mashed-up tribute or satirical salute to a spicy soup of creators and thinkers.

• We celebrate imaginative writers, artists and others whose nuggets and idiosyncrasies lend themselves to exploration and playfulness.

• We are grateful to those represented here by clever phrases and transformed images. Attribution for quotes is made where available. Corrections, suggested quotes and links to cool videos are invited.


Fizzdom team: John Grimes (above, consuming the Kool-Aid), Fizzdom's producer/creator, is a cartoooonist, illustrator, humorist (, and former urban planner/topsider-wearing marketing embellisher. Robin Chin, co-producer/art director, is a documentary filmmaker, editor and video archivist and researcher. She is a curator and researcher for the TV News Archive at the Internet Archive. Robin and John reside in San Francisco overlooking wild and wonderful Ocean Beach. Michael Nolan is Fizzdom’s technical savant and invaluable web sherpa.

• Watch for new posts each week, enjoy the ride and spread the word!

      John & Robin