Christie, Obama and Putin Get Down new jersey governor chris christie president barack obama russian president vladiimir putin crimea buddy epps john belushi

NJ Governor Chris Christie and President Barack Obama are shown as pre-Bridgegate bosom buddies, a la their post-Superstorm Sandy tarmac manbrace of 2012.

• Trapped at the mercy of the two American strongmen is the diminutive Russian President Vladimir Putin (oddly, fully-attired), who will later kick strategic sand in Crimea.

• John Belushi (as John "Bluto" Blutarsky from the '78 frat film, "Animal House”) looks on, offended by the exuberant behavior.

• The animated quote is attributed to Buddy Epps — whoever you are! (per The New Official Rules)

• Skim (with small grain of salt) the 2013 video below for an overview of Vladimir "Man-Boobs" Putin's leadership style.

7 Things You Need To Know About Vladimir Putin (8:11)