Warholian Time


• Quote's obviously a wry reversal of the expression credited to artist Andy Warhol: "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."

• "Photographer Nat Finkelstein also claims credit … (when) Warhol ... remarked that everyone wants to be famous ... Finkelstein replied, 'Yeah, for about fifteen minutes, Andy.'" 

• “British artist Banksy wrote ‘In the future, everyone will be anonymous for 15 minutes.’" 

• Another: "On the Web, everyone will be famous to fifteen people.” (ouch)  (wikipedia)

• Animated quote from tweet by Hari Kunzru, author of "Gods Without Men" (seen in SF Chronicle)

• Warhol fans: Skim this interview with Warhol at the brink of super-stardom as he toys with an art critic.