Hog Wild

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• Zing! indeed, in this animated Grimes cartoon that channels our “food-as-fun” culture through "the other white meat."

• American consumers of pork, perhaps “pigging out” on occasion, have more likely been “hogging out,” since a pig weighs under 120 pounds, whereas a hog weighs more — up to 700 pounds. (U.S.D.A.)

• Domesticated pigs and hogs, called swine, account for 38% of worldwide meat production, with over a billion acting human everyday — makin’ bacon.

• “In November 2012 scientists managed to sequence the genome of the domestic pig. The similarities between the pig and human genomes mean that the new data may have wide applications in the study and treatment of human genetic diseases.” (Wikipedia) 

Watch Miss Piggy and Joan Rivers duke it out