Celebrating Cesar Chavez

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• March 31 — Cesar Chavez Day — time to stop and smell the strawberries, served to cocktail party, Mad Men, Waltons and Downton Abbey diners. 

• Mexican American farm worker, labor and civil rights leader Cesar Chavez (3.31.27 – 4.23.93) co-founded the National Farm Workers Association (United Farm Workers) with VP Dolores Huerta

• A proponent of non-violence, Chavez led a successful 5-year strike (1965-70) and national boycott against California grape growers — a fight for basic civil rights, wages and working conditions. 

• Check these highlights of the 1996 doc "The Struggle in the Fields" above: 

• Chavez, Huerta, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. (18:34-21:49)

• Chavez begins fast to shake up 3-year-old movement, ends after 25 days with RFK at his side. A very moving remembrance three months before Kennedy was murdered in 1968. (38:42-43:30)

• Dolores Huerta (b.4.10.30), less visible but key to the struggle, "was known as the Dragon Lady because she was the toughest of the bunch." (sound familiar?) (48:55-49:58)

• Also: "Cesar Chavez" film trailer; premiering April 4, 2014: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awP3yXv-4ng