"Best" Summer Movies of All Time

2013 list

“Best Summer Movies of All Time” selected by RottenTomatoes.com 2013:

“In defense of the blockbuster, Rotten Tomatoes offers you Best Summer Movies, a countdown of the highest-rated wide releases since ... 1975 ... using a weighted formula that takes the Tomatometer, the number of reviews, and the year of release into account ... released wide ... between May and August.”

• “Oscar-worthy films appear at the box-office between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day followed by a lull on either side of summer’s blockbusters. Quality TV airs across the calendar year.” — Prof. Victoria Johnson, UC Irvine

Below: Click full-screen view and watch the magnificence of adult filmmaking (pre-CG) with a dazzling array of actors.

• “Television has taken possession of grown-ups and fans of things like narrative and character."

• "Hollywood studios construct their core businesses — cartoons, superhero films, young-adult franchises and sequels — for a less demanding clientele that doesn’t mind leaving the house even if the joy of the moviegoing experience is now marred by all the lapses of comfort and etiquette that keep many adults at home …”

• "Today, it’s the over-30 audience that’s written off as not worth the effort. Reaching them probably means rethinking distribution, even if that means surrendering the idea of movies as a primarily theatrical experience ... (and) treating the production of nonfranchise films as a viable business rather than as a favor or an act of atonement.” — Mark Harris, NY Times (3 quotes above)

gratuitous gif by fizzdom.com

gratuitous gif by fizzdom.com

• “Disney's 'Frozen' recently became the highest grossing animated feature of all time. The sci-fi thriller 'Gravity,' starring Sandra Bullock (above), has raked in over $700 million, and 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' has banked about $864 million in box office sales. These movies all starred women, and yet the opportunities for women in film both in front of and behind the camera remains an uphill battle. According to a 2013 report, women made up 52 percent of the moviegoing population, yet only about 15 percent of current movies feature female protagonists.” — ReBecca Theodore-Vachon, film/tv critic

• Below: Enjoy a taste of 'Sharknado,' the "superstorm that sucked toothy killers out of the Pacific and hurled them at Los Angeles and landed in the waters of social media like a bucket of delicious chum ... (its title) a portmanteau of American excess to match the cronut and the turducken." — James Poniewozik, Time 

• “All the sincerity in Hollywood you could stuff in a flea's navel and still have room left to conceal eight caraway seeds and an agent's heart.” ― humorist Fred Allen