Parts for Farts: The Dick Cheney Story vice president richard dick cheney heart organ transplant devil tin man wizard of oz animated gif

• Former VP Dick Cheney received a heart transplant in March 2012, to the chagrin of the Tin Man.

• "Watching Cheney in these periodic re-emergences ... can be disconcerting … as with a horror movie villain, you can never count on a credit sequence to put an end to your fright."  — Ana Marie Cox

• Over a decade ago, famous Texas heart surgeon Dr. Denton Cooley, hired by the 2000 Bush campaign, cleared Cheney for the VP spot, reporting that Cheney was "in good health with normal cardiac function" — despite having had multiple heart attacks and a long history of cardiac procedures. 

• Below: CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta's Oct. 2013 interview with Cheney: "This idea that you have this respected heart surgeon from Texas who didn't see youdidn't examine you, and then writes something saying that you have normal cardiac function. That just wasn't true, Mr. Vice President."

Cheney replied: "Go ask Denton Cooley about that." 

• Suggest watching at 4:42+ for the lie that enabled the most notorious VP in American history: