Roz Chast Makes Great Eggs! new yorker cartoonist roz chast ukranian easter eggs faberge dr. seuss

New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast applies her wonderfully whimsical style to "pysanka-style" Easter eggs.

• "Pysankarstvo, or the art of pysanka, is a folk art form said to date from pagan times. Often used for Ukrainian Orthodox graveside and Easter rituals, and believed by some to have talismanic powers ... which are applied using a batiklike wax-resist technique."

• "Some of the eggs present typically Chastean paeans to everyday domestic angst. One bears the worried faces of a man and a woman, topped by the phrases "Did I leave the water running?" and "Did I turn off the gas?" (Carol Kino, NY Times)

• “Easter eggs … originated in Mesopotamia with early Christians — who stained eggs red to commemorate the shedding of Christ’s blood — or began as a symbol of rebirth. Others link the practice to parallels between a hatching bird leaving behind an empty shell and a risen Christ leaving behind the empty tomb." (Washington Post)

• “A hen is only an egg’s way of making another egg.” — Samuel Butler

Roz Chast fans will enjoy this March 2014 New Yorker interview above at her home-studio.