Happiness by Oscar Wilde

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• Off to a lucky start in 1854, Oscar Wilde was born to a wealthy, eccentric Dublin family, learning the art of embellishing a good story from his mother, a flamboyant poet and hostess.

• A true celebrity of his day — a witty, wildly popular and highly controversial writer, poet, playwright and satirist who found an overripe target in Victorian stuffiness.

• Toured the U.S. in 1882, delivering over 140 lectures in 260 days

• Married (to a woman, how quaint) and the father of two sons, he was imprisoned for two years for "gross indecency" as a result of a conflict with his gay lover’s father.

• Having lost his good health, family and creative spirit, he wandered through Europe for several years before succumbing to meningitis in 1900, just short of 46.


• Wilde fans will enjoy the video above of his younger years.  e.g., "You must come home and meet my mother. We have founded a society for the suppression of virtue” (as he told a college friend).